Sil Plus

Iv San Bernard

Sil Plus
Sil Plus is a PH balancer and skin protector. Moisturizer which adds volume and shine.It protects the hair and the skin from getting dry, keeping it glossy and flexible. Add it to the shampoo to protect the dog's skin. Apply it to your hands and forearms to create an instant, long lasting shield ("liquid glove") against irritants. Great to protect bather's arms (and for doing dishes!). Fresh scent even men enjoy. It is also exceptionally helpful for dry dogs pads, elbows, and tips of ears by helping the skin to retain its own moisture. One squirt will suffice.

TIP: For a universal (and economical) finishing spray which nourishes, protects and imparts a nice shine, add the following to a spray bottle filled with warm water: 6-10 drops of mink oil, 2-3 squirts of Sil plus and a tiny capful of gloss.

Note:  The container is a 100 ml container and the liquid is 75 ml so it is normal to see a gap between the top of the liquid and the top of the bottle even when new

$ 43.65