Geib Blue Breeze Collection


Geib Blue Breeze Collection

Geib Buttercut Blue Breeze Collection Shears provide a spectacular and durable performance that helps cut down grooming time and fatigue. Blue Breeze Speed Cutters are light, smooth, and fast. Made out of stainless steel with ball-bearing pivot, extra hollow ground, and a longer, wider blade allowing for Longer Cuts and fantastic performance. Shears come in a beautiful leather case.

Straight or Curved Shank in 8.5" or 10" Lengths & 7" 30-tooth thinner, 7" 48-tooth thinner, or 8" 52-tooth thinner

  • Made of Stainless Steel
  • Right Handed
  • Ball Bearing Pivot Adjuster
  • Fixed Finger Rest
  • Non-Offset Handles 

Geib Buttercut uses the latest state-of-the-art materials, technology, and methods are used to manufacture top quality shears. The results are fine shears which are as pleasing to look at and comfortable to use. Each pair is finely polished and edges are carefully honed and trued to deliver long, faithful, and reliable service.

$ 275.00